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Hello everyone! Welcome to my website howtohydrateyourbody.com. Since I was 9 months old when my mom started feeding me water in my feeding bottle, I was already drinking the same water from the tap or bottled water, until last December 2019 when I was introduced to ionized water.

How I came to know the difference between ionized water from other water?

It was last December 2019 when a friend of mine introduced me this ionized water, and I asked him the benefits of drinking ionized water. He presented me with a demo about the different type of water taken from water filter, reverse osmosis, bottled water, and tap water. My friend tested the ORP (oxidizing reducing potential) of the water to test the acidity of the water. My friend tested also the PH of the water that measures the alkalinity of the water. I was really surprised that all the water I was drinking since I was 9 months old doesn’t give me the right PH of the water that our body needs.

Sharing is caring for one’s health.

Sharing the Water

A lot of people doesn’t know that our body is 75% of water and if we don’t consume the right amount of water we will be dehydrated. I want to share my website to people who are suffering from hydration and to those people who don’t know the right water to drink that will give them good health benefits. There are three important properties of water we need to know and understand how they contribute changes to our health benefits.  In my following posts, I will be sharing you the type of amazing water my family has been using for seven months now.  This water will give you the real  Alkaline Ionized Water, which is alkaline, antioxidant and microcluster. When we drink Alkaline Ionized Water, it hydrates our brain better than bottled water. It maintains healthy brain development in children. It increases energy for more stamina. Ionized water speeds up healing of sores muscles. Ionized water is filled with Powerful Anti-oxidants. The water is structured into microcluster for maximum absorption.

The goal of my website.

There are a lot of people out there who are not aware of the benefits of drinking Alkaline Ionized Water, and the goal of my website is to let people know the right water and the amount of water they should take to hydrate their body and to avoid dehydration.

If you ever need more information, please go to all my other posts, and if you have any questions, feel free to send an email to hbonoan2015@gamil.com and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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